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Entry #1

So, here I am.

2013-04-29 13:57:31 by ElwisFromPoland

So, here I am. Who am I? I'm just a guy, who like games, music and drawing comics. About what? Many things. If I get an idea, nothing will hide. My comics might be funny, or crazy, or weird. But I'll leave it in your opinion. To be honest, I wanted to send some of my comics here. But I will not. Why? At first, I was too retarded and didn't know how to send them. But when I find out how, my "works" was too big to send. So I scrap that idea. From now on, I'll be just throwing to my favs the things that I like, and comment on them. Eventually.
If you, some of you, still want to see my comics, you can always visit my DA account. There is all by me.
Well, something more to say? I don't have any idea what to wrote here. If you want, you can ask me something. And I always look for some friends.


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2013-06-25 19:57:13

hi ................................